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Mum.info features a strong team of experts dedicated to offering women guidance on what to expect when they are expecting and beyond. Our love and respect for this tough job called ‘parenting’ was the engine that pushed us to create a platform where parents can find a multitude of resources to help them in their never-ending journey, from dealing with pregnancy hot flashes to disciplining children having tantrums.

As children have unique traits and temperaments, parenting the right way represents both a challenge and a responsibility. That’s where we come in, by providing answers to questions like: Is this how it should be? Do I have reasons to be worried? Why is this happening? How can I stop that? and many more.

We take the ‘secret’ out of ‘secret parenting formula’ and provide you with the tools and information you need to always make the right steps as a parent – even if those steps are sometimes baby ones.



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