Is Your Child The Next Mozart? How to Discover If Your Kids Have Hidden Talents

One of the parents’ greatest wishes is for their child to grow up to be successful. Luckily, there is no need for expensive tests to find out what kinds of activities are capturing your child’s attention and sparking his/her imagination. Still, discovering the talent is just half of the job. Talents are not simply born as they are, they have to be grown. Here are some things you can do:

1) Sorting Objects – Analytical Thinking


When children love to arrange objects – pairing up socks, grouping items by a certain feature (color, size and shape), lining up toy cars, etc. that probably means they are auditory-sequential learners, meaning that they are well-organized and pay attention to details. Those characteristics can be early indicators of aptitude in science and math. Nurture that talent with games that involve matching and patterns. Putting the children in charge of arranging the silverware for a Christmas feast is a simple way to enhance those skills.

2) Daydreaming – Future Artist


Children who are spending a lot of time in their own world, enjoying pretend play, can spend hours painting or watching books, are potential artists. Those children can seem unfocused and uninterested. The truth is that they are probably dreaming up big ideas. That kind of creative thinking can be nurtured by providing the budding artist with all the necessary tools for sparking the imagination. And there is no better way to achieve that then by jolly Christmas gifts, such as fantasy books, artline pens for drawing, musical instrument, etc.

3) Talkative – The Gift of Persuasion


Some children are non-stop talkers. Verbal proficiency and ease of arguments can be the signs of a very gifted child. This can contribute to success in education and many other aspects of life. Children with such a gift may choose professions such as journalism or law. Encourage this talent by making up stories together with your child, and letting your kid read at a holiday dinner, for instance. Promote writing, listening and speaking skills.

4) Fiddling with Things – Visual-Spatial Learner


Children which enjoy exploring new things, fiddling with buttons, pulling something apart and discovering how to put it back together, building towers, and other similar activities can be future scientists, architects, engineers, etc. Promote those skills by asking Santa to give your child building blocks or other construction toys. Once you manage to discover if  your kids have hidden talents like this one, you can also encourage her/him to build with things found in the house (empty boxes, bowls, etc).

5) Bossy Child – Natural-Born Leader


Some children are convinced that they know what should be done and when. They have very strong opinion about majority of things and they try to convince others to accept their point of view. A natural-born leader can inspire others and solve conflicts. This kind of gift is very much appreciated in business and politics. Nurture it by encouraging your child to organize his/her chores or lead the way on a hiking tour, etc. Introduce your kid to the notion of listening.

6) Restless – Physical Learner


Children who cannot keep still are most likely bodily-kinesthetic learners. They are the happiest when they are active and moving. Some of the potential talents are sports, music, dancing or anything that requires advanced motor skills. They may gravitate towards jobs which are not desk-bound. This gift can be nurtured with daily physical activities, dancing classes or some form of sports.

By noticing the areas where the natural talents of your child is hidden, you can help with further building up of those talents. After all, the job of a parent, besides providing with unconditional love, is to help a child reach its full potential.

What’s your child’s hidden talent?

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Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter.
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