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[Infographic] How Modern Parenting Can Hinder Brain Development In A Big Way

Modern parenting can be dangerous for kids

Studies reveal that parenting style is key in the mental development of children. Experts say activities that characterize modern parenting, such as letting children play video games without parental supervision and infants deprived of touch, can produce long-term adverse effects on the child’s behavior. If improperly done, child rearing may breed criminal and other antisocial behaviors.  Among the probable behaviors that may result from it is suicide. On the other hand, researchers found out that traditional parenting, where parents spend more time and involvement with their children, is likely to cultivate positive traits and behaviors in their children This infographic shows how modern parenting affect the psychological development of children. It shows its connection to the rise of depression, which may lead to some criminal activities. It also points out some of the activities that parents must do with their children to avoid possible behavioral disorders.

Tony Miller
Tony Miller is a fitness and wellness enthusiast who writes for Genemedics Health Institute. He is
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Written by Tony Miller

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