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    6 Valuable Things That Will Tell You What Being A Mommy Means

    The moment you make eye contact with your baby – that’s the moment when you finally understand the meaning of life and the meaning of your own existence in this life. The beauty and craziness of it is hard to be explained, probably because between the soreness, numbness and happiness you feel at the same […]

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    14 Easy Tips To Make Step Parenting More Comfortable

    Probably the only thing harder than being a parent is being a step parent. You want to be instantly accepted by your new family, you want to be liked by your stepchildren, you want to gain their trust – but it’s a game of patience. Sometimes, you feel like a failure, because no matter what […]

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    10 Of The Most Valuable Parenting Tips To Save You Tantrums

    Despite the fact that you will never receive a raise, a day off or even a salary at all, parenting is the most rewarding job. There will be days when you will feel tired and overwhelmed, other days when you will cry on the floor screaming that you can’t handle it, but the moment you […]

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    See The Most Important Principles Of Nurturing Parenting

    One of the most difficult times in terms of parenting is when kids start to leave the imaginative playing behind and enter a world full of rules, struggles and insecurity. As they make the transition from kindergarten to school, they will discover that not all adults are as protective as you are and that not […]

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    50 Of The Most Important Parenting Questions Answered

    Parenting often comes with numerous question marks and with answers that you have to figure out yourself. This is both fun and frightening, because the quest to finding the answers will have you either laugh forever about them (like that diaper that was supposed to be changed an hour ago) or just constantly wondering if […]

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    The Truth About Being a Mommy In 10 Funny Facts

    You made it! After a 9-month journey which felt like a rollercoaster ride – it literally did, especially with the part when the ride is over and you are rushing to the nearest bathroom – your baby was finally in your arms, ready to be flooded with love. Because no matter how uncertain you were […]

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    11 Proven Ways to Respond to Unwanted Parenting Advice

    When it comes to raising children, everyone has an opinion on that. Basically, there are two categories of parents: parents who think they have no idea what they are doing (but are actually better than they realize) and parents (or even child-free people) who think they know everything about raising children, but they don’t. No […]